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About the Club

“FLOP HOUSE”, named in honor of Dick Flosbury's “Fosbury Flop,” is an exclusive high jump training club established for athletes of all ages and skill level. Our club was born out of the need for expert coaching for a highly technical and complex event that most young athletes never get exposed to until high school. It is our desire to deliver event specific knowledge, drills, training, practice & critique, in order to enable the athlete to achieve their highest potential and goals.

Coach Martha

I consider coaching to be my gift. I do not take it lightly, although, it is incredibly gratifying to see my athletes gain the knowledge to execute properly and be successful, making certain the athletes have an understanding of the “why’s” of their event is empowering and paramount to their success.


I take great pride in my experience, my coaching education, and my commitment to relating and connecting with the athletes. My continued USATF coaching education has ensured that I have extensive and cutting edge knowledge of the technical aspects of my specialty.


I believe having 30 years of coaching experience and nearly a lifetime of competitive track and field, instills confidence and creates a unique “Coach/Athlete” bond. I take pride in my ability to motivate and inspire my athletes to bring their very best to their competitions.  I embrace hard work and do not cut corners. I continue to pursue my coaching education with the goal of “excellence” in mind. There is always more to learn and I am excited to be on this path.

Credentials: USATF Level 3, Jumps     IAAF Level 5, Jumps


Career Highlights

Personal Coaching – High Jump/Long Jump/Triple Jump/Hurdles/Sprint Mechanics

Stadium High School Sprints/Jumps Coach (1 year)


University of Puget Sounds – Jumps Coach (3 years)


Coached multiple athletes to Conference Championships


Pacific Lutheran University – High Jump Coach (6 years)


Coached multiple athletes to Conference Championships


Bellarmine Prepatory School -  High Jump Coach (13 years)


Washington State Champion in the High Jump (1998)


Washington State Champions in the Girls 4 X 100 Relay (2008)


4 High Jump Qualifiers to Junior Olympic Nationals


Career Highlights

National Indoor Masters Champion - (2018)


National Indoor Masters Champion - (2017)

WMA Silver Medalist -High Jump (2013)

WMA Silver Medalist  - 4 X 100 Relay (2009)

WMA Bronze Medalist - Long Jump (2009)

WMA World Champion  - High Jump (2009)

WMA World Champion - High Jump (2005)

USATF Masters National Champion  (2005)(100m/200m/HJ)

Nike Masters World Champion - High Jump (1998)

2 time National Champion (Pentathlon)

15 time National Champion (High Jump)

USATF Masters Team (22 years)

Clubs: Texas, Michigan, Florida

Aquinas College, Grand Rapids Michigan, 1976 (first female post Title IX)

Grade School, Middle School, High School (first female post Title IX)

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